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Tedy Bruschi's Head Nearly Explodes Over Favre's Return

ESPN’s Tedy Bruschi does not approve of the manner in which Brett Favre is returning to the Vikings. I guess he’s not a fan. Found at ESPN.

I kept expecting this to happen. Found at YouTube from randomfrosh.


  1. […] NO RESPECT What did Brett Favre do to get Tedy Bruschi so worked up? Bruschi was going positively ballistic over the notion that the Vikings captains would take a trip to Hattiesburg to try and convince Favre to return for another season. Begging, he called it. I thought his head was going to explode. [Watch It.] […]

  2. […] Tedy Bruschi will, no doubt, be watching the Vikings/Saints matchup intently in hopes that the Saints implement The Blueprint he so desperately wants them to implement. […]

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