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Daily Chat: Out Tempoed – Adrian Peterson, The One-Dimensional Back

So that’s what it’s called when you look abysmal in a blitz pick-up attempt. That was what Adrian Peterson called it when Patrick Willis blew through him on his way to creating a stain on the turf of Candlestick Park with the body of Brett Favre. Found at YouTube from HueyCam.

Found at YouTube from ninercub12.


Peterson said he got “out tempoed.” His attitude said it ain’t no thang. He’ll get it fixed.

History would indicate otherwise. Which makes Peterson’s faith in his improvement really hard to believe. He’s yet to prove that he’s fixed his fumbling problem, both hands on the ball last week not withstanding.

Peterson’s attitude toward his pass protection feels very much like his attitude has been for his fumbling. Problem? What problem?

Adrian Peterson has said he wants to be the best running back the league has ever known. But that will be impossible when he is a one-dimensional back.

As talented as he is, the guy is often a liability. If you can’t rely upon him to block, if you’re always worried he’s going to put the ball on the turf, you can’t confidently use him in any situation.

Robert Smith, a running back with half Peterson’s running ability, was a complete back. Smith was sure-handed and he knew how to pick up a blitz. One of his best plays ever was planting Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher on a blitz pick-up.

You just can’t imagine Peterson doing such a thing. Found at YouTube from SLICKRICKDOG.

Peterson was not the first to use the phrase “out tempoed.” That twisted description, not surprisingly, is a Chili-ism. MinnPost’s Jim Klobuchar quoted Brad Childress using the phrase to explain why the Arizona Cardinals beat his team last year: They got “out tempoed.”

It’s sad to see Benny Sapp leave but it looks like he’s going to greener pastures, if not home. Sapp fell behind quickly after having to sit out practice due to dehydration. It looked as if he was at risk of not even making the roster.

Which speaks volumes of the depth of talent at corner. And that’s a good thing.

At first glance, it looks like getting Greg Camarillo from the Dolphins for Sapp was a decent deal. We got a sure-handed possession receiver and they got depth at corner.

Sure, he scored the TD that kept the 2007 Miami Dolphins from remaining winless, but did you know that Greg Camarillo can catch with his legs? [Watch.]

The number of passes Greg Camarillo dropped last year. The number of fumbles he’s had during his entire career. And the number of touchdowns he scored last year.

The cards have been falling favorably for Logan Payne. First Jaymar Johnson breaks his thumb, then Sidney Rice goes under the knife. Sure the Vikings signed Javon Walker and Greg Camarillo, but with the depth chart at receiver currently in flux, will the Paynemaster seize the day?

Will he continue his strong play at receiver? Will his play on the return units improve? Will he move up the depth-chart?

Tune in Saturday.

Is what you hit if you’re the Saint Louis Rams or the Detroit Lions, not the Minnesota Vikings.

HBO has a keen eye for drama. From The Sopranos to The Wire to True Blood, they know them some drama when they sees it. Which is why it is so inexplicable that it is the New York Jets and their foul-mouthed coach and not the Minnesota Vikings and their drama queen QB and their fluid WR depth chart that are the stars of Hard Knocks.

Herschel Walker, Former Minnesota Viking running back and current bar trivia answer, has become a mental health advocate, after discovering he suffered from dissociative identity disorder for much of his life. Good for him. [Watch.]

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