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Daily Chat: The Awesome & The Brutal: Vikings vs. Dolphins

My quick takes without having had a chance to go back and review the tape:

Adrian Peterson. Again. 145 yards from 28 carries and one touchdown, five receptions for 41 yards; that equals 189 yards from scrimmage.

Erin Henderson played well in place of the injured Ben Leber, coming up with the fumble that lead to a touchdown.

Toby Gerhart. See. This is what I was talking about! Adrian Peterson rips off a punishing 23 yard gain and then goes to the sideline for some oxygen. In comes Toby and he rips off a punishing seven yard run; takes it a second time for six yards. In comes Peterson for a 12 yard run. Five yard pass to Gerhart.

No rest for you, Dolphins!

Phil Loadholt. Phil Loadholt. Phil Loadholt. This guy’s Bryant McKinnie all over again. And I mean that in the worst possible way.

Could Loadholt be any more susceptible to speed rusher??

He was single-handedly responsible for one Dolphins touchdown, numerous hits on Favre and plenty of hurries.

The defensive Line was absolutely handled during the first half.

Bernard Berrian disappeared again. Two catches for 24 yards, at least one drop, another muffed punt, failed to fight for the under-thrown long ball and appeared to have a communication breakdown with Favre on the interception in the end zone.

If this game wasn’t an argument for the signing of Vincent Jackson, I don’t know what is. Brett Favre need a receiver he’s confident can go up and take the ball away from a defender and at 6’1″, 185 lbs., Berrian is decidedly not that.

He doesn’t have the bulk to consistently bust up a jam at the line, run routes without getting redirected, and muscle the ball away from defenders. He doesn’t appear to be able to blow by defenders, either.

Toss in the fact that he’s a tentative punt returner.

The guy looks like he’s lost confidence.

So what do you do with him?

More importantly, what do the Vikings do with a passing game that lacks a number one receiver?

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  1. Steve on September 20, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    Not to say he had a great game, but Your analysis on Loadholt being responsible for that touchdown couldn’t be more inaccurate. It was a blown assignment by shanc. Vikes were in max protect, shanc was supposed to stay in and block, NOT chip and release which is what he did. Loadholt was responsible for any blitzing backer or an inside move by the DE. He just looked bad trying to recover from a teammates Blown assignment

  2. David on September 21, 2010 at 5:39 am


    Thanks for the comments.

    Upon further review I totally agree with you. Shank missed completely. I’d only say that, given the situation and Loadholt’s previous difficulties keeping the defensive end from getting to Favre, it looked like it was ALSO Loadholt responsibility to cover the end. I can’t imagine them putting Shiancoe on the end without any help.

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