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Daily Chat: A Vikings Offense Wishlist



Now that Brad Childress is unemployed, Leslie Frazier has been unveiled, and we’ve got Darrell Bevell unleashed and Brett Favre ungagged, I thought I’d take a moment to put together a wishlist for the Vikings offensive braintrust to consider:

  1. If Bryant McKinnie or Phil Loadholt struggle in pass protection early in the game, please have a plan in place to give them some help
  2. Let Brett Favre be Favre
  3. Jeff Dugan for fullback instead of Nafahu Tahi
  4. Now that Adrian Peterson has proven he can hold onto the ball, let’s let him work on his pass protection/blitz pickup game by keeping him in on third and long…
  5. …and any time in the red zone
  6. A few more play-action passes on first down
  7. I’ll never understand why Childress never did two-back sets but I think there’s a lot to be gained by putting Toby Gerhart and Adrian Peterson on the field at the same time¬†occasionally
  8. Less predictable play calling on third- and fourth-and-short situations
  9. Tarvaris Jackson and/or Joe Webb on the field for an occasional wildcat formation play
  10. Let Favre take off down field with the ball more. Just kidding.

Did you notice that the guy Frazier tapped for his defensive coordinator, Fred Pagac, was the coach of the defensive unit that has outperformed the rest this year, the linebackers?


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  1. Rich on June 15, 2011 at 1:51 am

    Now if only we could resolve the lockout in time to restructure the offense before the season begins. Otherwise we are likely going to se a repeat of last year only this time it will be without a QB.

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