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Daily Chat: A QB Like Joe Flacco?



If you’ll recall, I thought it a little odd that Leslie Frazier held up Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco as examples of franchise quarterbacks during his first press conference as head coach rather than Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

Ultimately, I put it down to simply those name spontaneously popping into his mind at the time but he’s done it again In a recent interview with Ann Carroll on Vikings Weekly, Frazier again talked about his admiration for Joe Flacco. [WATCH the Leslie Frazier Interview.]

While I think Flacco’s a good quarterback, maybe even a franchise quarterback, I don’t think he’s a great quarterback. Maybe he will be but I don’t think he is yet.

The Star Tribune‘s Sid Hartman reports that Vikings defensive line coach Karl Dunbar and wide receivers coach George Stewart will remain on staff, that Fred Pagac will likely remain as the defensive coordinator and that we should know by Monday or Tuesday who the offensive coordinator will be.


If you missed it…Adrian Peterson got a woman fired from her job at McDonald’s because she let him use the restroom after hours, KSTP TV reported. [WATCH the report.]


  1. Raven Danzig on January 16, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    I gotta say that would be awesome to see Flacco in the other purple jersey. But also, and coincidentally, had a dream about this that Aaron Rodgers, decides to ditch GB and head over next door to Minnesota, becoming our new QB for the Vikings. Hey, not holding my breath, but dreams sometimes do come true! We’ll see….

  2. derickson on January 16, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    I’d take Flacco. At least until we’ve given our young quarterback a year or two of bench learning.

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