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Daily Chat: Vikings Picks In 2011 NFL Mock Drafts

Here’s the first round-up of NFL Mock Drafts for 2011, listing who thinks the Vikings will pick whom [UPDATED: 2/17/11]:



  1. […] the 35 mock drafts we’re tracking, 10 have the Vikings taking Auburn quarterback Cam Newton with the 12th overall […]

  2. doug carden on February 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Its a no brainer we shouldn’t ever take a quarterback in the first round its way too risky unless Blaine is available. We all know he’s gone by the 12th pick so we need to address the offensive line and then the saftey position. Then look for Devlin or Dalton in the 4th round. Maybe trade down a get a third round pick for one of these qbs. Free agency has a some good talent but due to the lock out who knows what will happen. Bob sanders, atawghae,cham bailey,.So if we could pick up some thing in free agency then you might want to grab a qb early but its impossible since the draft will come before the lock out is resolved. So no we should never take cam newton in the first round with all of these holes we must fill. Cam might be the real deal but we have like 19 free agents and we have a weak offensive line and poor safties that need to be addressed first.

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