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Pat Williams' Rocking Chair

You’ve probably heard that Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams has a rocking chair in front of his locker. I’ve always thought that was a funny image.

I recently got a chance to tour the Vikings Winter Park facility and took this photo of Pat’s infamous rocking chair. Even after seeing the actual chair, I have a hard time picturing him being able to fit into it!

The story behind the chair is that the players originally bought the rocking chair as a sorta welcome gift for Brett Favre when he joined the team but Pat liked it so much, he made it his own.

And who’s to argue with Big Pat?

Pat Williams Rocking Chair

Pat Williams Rocking Chair

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  1. […] While it’s clear the Vikings were planning a future without him, defensive tackle Pat Williams confirms he’s not coming back, mostly because he’s lost trust with the organization,’s Tom Pelissero reports. So Big Pat will find a new home for his rocking chair. […]

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