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Donovan McNabb Highlights

Video highlights of your new Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Donovan McNabb.

Donovan McNabb Tribute Video

Notice at the beginning of this one Philly fans booing their new draft pick. Real class. Found at YouTube from KiingJulian.

1999 Philadelphia Eagles Team Highlights

Found at Hulu.


2005 Super Bowl XXXIX Highlights: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots become the eighth team to post consecutive Super Bowl titles. Found at Hulu.

Donovan McNabb: In His Own Words

Drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999, Donovan McNabb has become the leader of Eagles franchise over his career. Through exclusive wirings, interviews, and NFL Films footage, McNabb’s career is examined on and off the field. Found at Hulu.

2004 Season: Vikings At Eagles

The 2004 Monday night regular season matchup between the Vikings and the Eagles featured two quarterbacks drafted in 1999: Former Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper during his near-MVP season and current Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb. Found at Hulu.

2010 Washington Redskins Highlights

The following video starts with the offensive highlights at four minutes in; rewind it if you want to see the defensive highlights. Found at YouTube from theclu1054.

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  1. […] While you’re waiting for new Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb to make his appearance in town, I’ve assembled some career highlights at the site for your viewing pleasure. In addition to highlights spanning his time in Philadelphia, there is also a piece highlighting the 1999 Eagles, his rookie year; Super Bowl XXXIX highlights against the New England Patriots; and Donovan In His Own Words; a 2004 Vikings vs. Eagles game pitting two Vikings quarterbacks who were drafted in 1999; and video of his dismal last season with Washington. [WATCH DONOVAN McNABB HIGHLIGHTS.] […]

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