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Joe Kapp led the Vikings to their first title game appearance in Super Bowl IV during the 1969 season. He is credited with coining the phrase “40 for 60,” meaning forty men working together for sixty minutes on the field, a mantra that epitomized the Vikings teams he lead from 1967-1969. Kapp holds the NFL record (with three other players) for having thrown seven touchdowns in a game. Kapp had a reputation for being tough as nails, often lowering his shoulder and plowing through defensive linemen and linebackers.

At 73 years old, they guy still has a fire burning. And can still hold a grudge…48 years after the fact. Kapp punched out a Canadian Football League rival, 74 year old former defensive lineman Angelo Mosca, the other day at a CFL alumni function for an alleged late hit on one of Kapp’s teammates. Found at YouTube from VanGreyCupFan.

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